Super Snacks for Super Sunday!

Download your copy.

Entertaining a room full of hungry fans? Make sure you have plenty of Rubschlager Bread on hand so you can whip up some of our fan favorites. Download our Super Sunday Recipe Collection today.

What’s Inside the Super Sunday Recipe Collection?


Veggie Dagwood Sandwich – Piled high with vegetables there is enough in this sandwich for even the hungriest among your fans..

Pulled Pork Haystacks- Deliciously different way to serve the ever popular pulled pork.sandwich.

Rosie Reuben – This popular twist on the traditional Reuben sandwich is made with turkey.

The Seoul Reuben – Kim Chi replaces the saurkraut for a spicy twist.

The Irish Reuben – A bit of Irish cheddar cheese brings a sharper tang to this version of the Reuben

Midtown Reuben – The most traditional in our collection, features Thousand Island dressing and swiss cheese.

Square Meatball Sandwich – Yes, these are little square meatballs in this sandwich.

The last three were submitted from our fans. If you have a recipe you think should be included in one of our collections please share it, along with a picture.

The Fan Club – from the recipe file of Marty Wilson – Indianapolis, Indiana.  This recipe melts the cheese over the meat for a hot, tasty treat.

Eat your Greens – from the recipe file of Darlene Swietochowski – Cudahy, Wisconsin  For the vegetarians in your crowd, or even the meat lovers, who want to mix it up, this open-face treat features cucumbers and cream cheese.

Quarterback Sneak –from the recipe file of Linda Turner – Ontario, Canada Cheese, cheese and more cheese is what you will find piled on top of our flavorful Rubschlager cocktail bread.