Eat Your Greens

Croque Madame Sandwich

Delicious, bite-sized sandwiches great for breakfast or any time you need a boost. Easy to make and enjoy, this classic ham and egg combo is a perfect match for our cocktail breads.

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The Ultimate Cuban Sandwich

Make this Cuban classic a staple. You’ll be amazed at this authentic recipe’s rich flavor. Use any of our classic sandwich breads for a healthful base.

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Island Ham Sandwich

Ready in minutes, this no-prep favorite makes a fresh and satisfying meal everyone can enjoy. Our robust pumpernickel is the foundation for layers of delicious flavor.

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“Bloody Mary” Tomato Toast with Celery and Horseradish

This flavorful play on a bloody Mary is the perfect afternoon snack. This unique recipe is filled with flavors to surprise and delight your tastebuds. Crispy bread, layered with creamy horseradish and topped with fresh vibrant tomatoes is your next Saturday afternoon favorite.

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Have a favorite way to enjoy your Rubschlager bread?