Eat Your Greens

Celebrate the Pigskin

Football – whether it’s Friday night lights at the high school, college ball on Saturday, NFL Sundays or a game with the guys at the park – we Americans love football season!

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Tailgate Takeover

I think tailgating is more fun when I can pull off a great menu! We’ve created a few dishes that are easy to pull off with minimal effort and not a lot of stuff to lug to the game.

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Set the Table for Fall

Happy Fall! The smells, colors and flavors of fall are so delicious – rich, smoky, etched in gold, crisp, pungent! There is a ripeness to fall. A fullness! A hearty quality. It is the harvest time and with that the preparation for the earth’s winter sleep. Smoked meats, aged cheeses, the nectar of apples and grapes preserved as wine and cider, pickling, canning, spicing and curing.

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Cauliflower Melts

Raisins have a long shelf life and are great for a boost of energy. This recipe combines raisins, cauliflower, and pistachios for a delicious, healthy midday meal or light dinner.

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The Perfect Pair

Better on Toast , is chock full of delicious recipes to be enjoyed on toasted breads! From breakfast to late night! Simple to fancy! I have tried several of these great recipes. I love her version Avocado Toasties on Westphalian pumpernickel.

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Seven Layer Salad on Toast

Seven-layer salad has never been so delicious, or so travel friendly. Stack your favorite vegetables and spreads on our Rubschlager Pumpernickel bread for a summer salad on the go.

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Roasted Beets on Rye

Beets and Rye bread – a dynamic duo for those watching blood sugar levels – and for everyone else who likes delicious!

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Handheld Salads

Salad is always my first choice for any meal, but salad has always been a complicated item to include for picnics, concerts on the go, even buffet settings where most people will be standing while they eat.  UNTIL NOW, we bring you handheld salads What do you need to...

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Panzanella Re-Defined

Panzanella is a Tuscan summer bread salad. It was once a type of peasant food which traditionally utilized stale bread. Inspired by this classic, I deconstructed the panzanella salad to create what I am calling “walking salads” or handheld salads.

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Walking Caprese Salad

It’s a Saturday morning tradition during the summer months to head to our local farmer’s market. This past weekend everything looked so fabulous I wanted to make something out of everything my eyes saw! I finally settled on the biggest bunch of fresh basil I have ever...

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