Eat Your Greens


Pickled herring is known for its distinctive flavor. The strong bite of the fish pairs well with onion and a slice of dark bread. It is often served as one of the choices on a Smorrebrod buffet. Did you know that in addition to being a traditional Danish Christmas...

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Cheese Smorrebrod

Smorrebrod Sandwiches are popular all year long, but especially so on Christmas Day. This variation features zesty Danish Havarti cheese.

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Dippy Eggs & Spicy Feta Provolone Soilders

Food blogger, Danielle Oron of the "I Will Not Eat Oysters" blog created this fabulous recipe using Rubschlager Breads. There are three components to this recipe: The schug, the eggs and the soldiers. [amd-yrecipe-recipe:63] Makes 4 Servings. Using Rubschlager...

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French Peasant Soup

Is there anything better than curling up with a warm bowl of soup on a cold winter night? Especially when it is as delicious as this version of an old world favorite created by Chef Regina Mehallick. Served with a few slices of Rubschlager Bread it is perfect for a...

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Fruit Skewered Christmas Pineapple

A festive and creative way to present fruit skewers. Turn a pineapple into a Christmas tree by adorning it with small fruit skewers and you have another decoration for any table.

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‘Tis the Season to be Cranberry

The best parts of the holidays are the wonderful seasonal ingredients that make it to our table. While pumpkin has now become the flavor of fall, cranberries are the iconic fruit of Thanksgiving and Christmas. The cranberry’s tart, vibrant flavors are the most popular in cranberry sauce; however, today we have delicious cranberry holiday recipes that are perfect as appetizers and side dishes for your holiday meals with family and friends.

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Enjoy the Holidays with Rubschlager

Food is a huge part of the holidays – but not only as it relates to the parties we are hosting or the “big meal“ of the holiday. It also means the meals in between. Enjoy the holidays with Rubschlager and let us help make the season go smoothly.

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Artichoke and Cannelloni Spread

Artichoke and Cannelloni Spread on Tiny Toast Add a bit of green and white to your holiday table with this simple and delicious Artichoke and Cannelloni Spread served with Rubschlager cocktail bread. True, this isn't your typical Thanksgiving fare, but it is a...

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Citrus Salmon Salad on Toast

Looking for a light and refreshing way to kick off your holiday meal? Try this Citrus Salmon Salad on Toast for a change of pace. The light citrus contrasts nicely with the savory stuffing and sweet potatoes which will come later in your meal.

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White Christmas Toasts

It is easy to indulge during the holidays. There are so many tasty dishes and family favorites it is easy to feel just a little stuffed all month long.

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Rubschlager Mini Chips

So many of you have mourned the disappearance of our mini rye chips that we have worked hard to help you recreate the addictive delicious-ness using Rubschlager cocktail breads.

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