Slow-crafted in the European tradition

The process of making authentic rye bread is slow. The fermentation process is achieved with a sour starter – no chemical accelerators. The sour starter Rubchlager breads are made with is the same the Rubschlager family started with over 100 years ago.

After hours of proofing, Rubschlager breads are placed in a very hot oven initially to form the outer crust, then the bread bakes for 2 or more hours depending on the variety and style. Slow crafted foods are not rushed, even in the cooling down process.

Rubschlager breads cool for 8 hours at room temperature before the bread is sliced. This allows the tender bread to form that unique and beautifully consistent inner texture. The result is a bread that slices thin wonderfully and toasts incredibly!


Rye bread is the tradition in many European countries from Germany and Austria to Scandinavia, Poland, Estonia and Russia. Each region has their own unique style of rye and pumpernickel breads that are part of every day eating in that region. Rubschlager brings these great breads authentically to life.

The European style square breads feature ryes and pumpernickels from Denmark, Germany, Russia and Austria. These are Westphalian Pumpernickel, Danish Pumpernickel and Russian Kommisbrot. The more American sandwich-shaped sandwich breads feature German Pumpernickel and Bauernbrot Farmers bread as well as traditional rye and pumpernickel.

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