Whether you danced until dawn, or barely stayed awake to see the ball drop, you can still enjoy this New Year’s Day brunch menu. We’ve collected a few of our favorite brunch recipes which match well with Bloody Marys, a bit of champagne, or simply orange juice and lots of coffee.

The New Year’s Day Menu:

This first sandwich is sure to please the drinkers and the teetotalers in your crowd. Our brunch menu begins with an edible Bloody Mary.

“Bloody Mary” Tomato Toast with Celery and Horseradish

You can’t have a proper brunch menu without eggs and we have two tasty alternatives for you.

Croque Madame Sandwich

Dippy Eggs & Spicy Feta Provolone Soilders

Of course, your brunch menu must include bacon too. This open-face BLT is flavorful, without being filling.

The BLT out on the town

Finally, our Elegant Smoked Salmon Board is the perfect centerpiece for your brunch table.

Elegant Smoked Salmon Board

Interested in serving this delicious brunch?  We have compiled these recipes into one collection.   Download it now to plan your perfect New Year’s Day  Brunch.