Rubschlager fans tend to lead healthy lifestyles and love great fresh foods. This trio of open faced sandwiches is both healthy and intriguing to fine food lovers.  We think they are the perfect choice to celebrate Spring.

One of our favorite chefs, Regina Mehallick of R2Go in Indianapolis put these sandwiches together for us. She loves the open faced sandwiches that fill bakery cases in Europe – so beautiful and all of the components are visible to the eye. Another reason she likes the open faced sandwich is that there is less bread overpowering the other sandwich ingredients. The uniquely thin slice of Rubschlager breads further highlight the sandwich fillings or in this case toppings and the hearty rye holds its own against these complex flavors and many ingredients.

Regina shared her top five considerations for building a great sandwich. Keep these in mind when making the sandwiches shown here or building your own sandwich creation.

  1. Use a delicious sauce or spread to bind the sandwich ingredients to the bread.
  2. Place protein/protein replacement on the bottom and build the sandwich from there.
  3. Use two or more types of vegetables.
  4. Top it off with a seasoned garnish such as micro greens, pickled cucumber slices or marinated tomatoes.
  5. Cover the bread completely with each layer of ingredient so that you get every ingredient in every bite.

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R2Go is known for their commitment to locally sourced ingredients and so her menu is built around what is in season and available at the farmer’s market. As of this writing winter vegetables and micro greens shape her sandwich creations.

This trio of open faced sandwiches is so beautiful that they will play a starring role in our shower blog. Learn how to make these sandwiches (Shrimp and Pickled Cucumber on Danish Pumpernickel, Roast Beef and Tarragon Tomato Salad on Pumpernickel Rye-Ola, Hummus and Avocado on Sunflower Rye-ola) in our latest Rubschlager cookbook.