Happy fall! The smells, colors and flavors of fall are so delicious – rich, smokey, etched in gold, crisp, pungent. There is a ripeness to fall, a fullness, a hearty quality. It is harvest time and with that the preparation for the Earth’s winter sleep. Smoked meats, aged cheeses, the nectar of apples and grapes preserved as wine and cider, pickling, canning, spicing and curing.

These delectable flavors pair perfectly with Rubschlager breads. Dark pumpernickels with sharp cheeses, cured sausages and smoked fish. We have spent some time identifying the very best of these offerings so that you can create your tastiest Oktoberfest, tailgates and fireside meals before the crisp air turns cold and the golden light of autumn gives way to the dark night of Winter.

This is our autumn table prepared for you – Rubschlager invites you to come, bring your friends and enjoy.

Maple Bacon Sweet Potato Bruchetta

French Onion Soup on Toast

Creamy Smoked Trout with Apple and Horseradish on Crisp Brown Bread

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