ebelskiver, glogg and orange pomander

 What Makes a Danish Christmas Special?

A proper Danish Christmas starts with the attitude captured in this old saying: “Skal der vare gilde, saa skal der vare gilde.” Translated into English it means something like: “if we are going to celebrate, then let’s then celebrate.” The Danes love to celebrate, considering the entire month of December a celebration called Christmas month. It is filled with gatherings both large and small. Each event includes a beautifully set table, rituals and traditions, good food and drink.

Delight your family and add freshness to your well-worn traditions by borrowing some or all of the Danish style Christmas celebration. Download our Danish Christmas Guide (Part three of our Party Planning Collection) and bring some new traditions to your gatherings.

In addition, we searched the Internet and below are links to other wonderful recipes to round out your holiday meal.

Sweet and Sour Red Cabbage

Transform traditional pickled cabbage into a holiday special side dish by adding chopped apples, onions, and roasted chestnuts.

Christmas Goose

Goose is a more traditional Christmas dish throughout Europe since turkey is an American bird. The richer taste of goose stands up well with pickled and seasoned dishes.

Risalamande – Danish Rice Dessert with Cream and Almonds

Transform a simple rice pudding into something special when you add vanilla, almonds, whipped cream and a warm cherry sauce.

Smorrebrod: A Less Formal Meal

After a month of heavy meals, the Danes enjoy a much less formal meal on Christmas Day. Typically the Danes serve Smorrebrod, a Danish open–faced sandwich. These sandwiches are full of flavor and look beautiful, but the ingredients can be very light and healthful.

The most difficult part of Smorrebrod is shopping for all of the ingredients. Included in our guide is a sample list of choices to put on your Smorrebrod.

You can prepare these sandwiches ahead of time using some of these simple recipes or simply lay out the ingredients buffet style and invite your family and guests to assemble their own.

  • Herring Smorrebrod
  • Lox, Eggs and Onions Smorrebrod
  • Cheese Smorrebrod

Rubschlager European style rye grain breads and the Danish open-faced sandwich or Smorrebrod are a perfect matchup.

Finally, a traditional Danish Christmas meal wouldn’t be complete without a delicious apple cake or Aeblekage. The guide contains a recipe for that as well. So bring an international feel to your Christmas Day, with Rubschlager Cocktail Breads.