The Rubschlager brand delivers breads that are authentic – slow crafted. These are breads with integrity, offering unique bread “experiences” and supporting today’s healthy lifestyles. Rubschlager is rye and more! Our breads are rooted in, but not limited to, the rye baking traditions of Europe.

The Rye-Olas, our 100% rye bread products, are wheat free and unique in the US market.

The European Square breads stand alone delivering a unique shape, thin slice and European regional taste profiles  that enhance the eating occasion.


Rubschlager Bakery
Rubschlager Delivery Truck

About the Rubschlager Name

Rubschlager is simply the name of the family who started the bakery that made the breads that today bear the Rubschlager label.  There was a time when these breads could only be enjoyed by those who shopped at the Rubschalger Bakery.

The Rubschlager family started their bakery in Chicago, Illinois in 1913.  It was a family run operation from the beginning.  Fred Rubschlager,   one of five brothers, founded the Rubschlager Baking Corporation as a neighbourhood, full-line bakery called Rubschlager Brothers Bakery.  All five Rubschlager brothers were at one time or another involved with Rubschlager Brother’s Bakery.

Corporate Office

Maplehurst Bakeries, LLC.
50 Maplehurst Dr.
Brownsburg, IN 46112

Phone: 888-739-7065
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