Easter is such a happy, colorful and sometimes overly sweet day from a palate perspective!  Our small savories add to the colorful look of the day and provide a delightful counterbalance to jelly beans, marshmallow chicks and chocolate!

These open faced small bites look great on the fanciest Easter brunch, but they also travel well outside for the most casual Easter picnics or backyard “hunts” for eggs and Easter baskets.  Featured here are small bites that fit the occasion while early spring flavor notes!  What I love about this approach is that it breaks up the monotony of the big ham or heavy cheesy egg dishes that are frequently served.  The portability of these savories also fit well with active little ones, Easter egg hunts and on the move conversation!

The menu:

  • Wedges of hard-boiled egg with a slice of fresh avocado on top of early spring greens
  • Salmon with capers and fresh dill atop a schmear of cream cheese
  • Thinly sliced ham topped with crème fresh and cantaloupe or peaches
  • Spring mushrooms sautéed with fresh herbs.  Add some micro greens from the farmer’s market as desired

Three more ideas not pictured here

  • New potatoes in a cream with chive sauce tossed with early peas.  A slice of garlic roasted-leg of lamb underneath it all is a great add!
  • Corned beef hash topped with a fried or poached egg
  • Tiny BLT’s using some really great Applewood smoked bacon